Dremy Limited is a global distributing company with sole aim to provide high quality brands of products/materials to its end consumers via partnered wholesalers and retailers who acknowledged the value of the products/materials which they business with to obtained quality needs.

For more than 13 years, Dremy Limited has been on the forefront of innovation, continually creating solutions by distributing the following products/Materials you may list below:
  • Furniture
  • Oil and mineral fuels
  • Electrical and other machineries, including integrated circuits, computer components
  • Cars
  • Pharmaceuticals, optical and health safty medical equipments
  • Golds
  • Broadcasting Equipments
  • and few more introducely every quarter of the year counting

Dremy Limited have a transparent objective of serving you right from your home, only with either to CIF or FOB with truthed freight forwarder right from your comfortable home and still get the originality form of our services to you.

Jerry is an executive of Dremy Limited who is the first employee of the Company, has the expertise of building confident to do business with Dremy Limited for the first time to get relax.

Dremy Limited have better relationship with different manufacturers of your different brands of products/Materials which will suite your need.

Call Dremy Limited on:

+1-888-789-2924 to talk with Jerry. He is nice to speak with.
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